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This collection of posts focuses more on the process of “doing revision” than the actual content of that revision – the latter is possibly a Collection for another day.

Here you’ll find an eclectic – not to say esoteric – collection of resources designed to aid the revision process: from simple games, hacks, tips and techniques to the much more-serious science stuff around which to build a revision schedule.

Hacks: A range of revision shortcuts brought to you by The Sociology Guy.

Workouts: And from the same source, ideas for structured revision tasks.

Strategy Booklet: A one-stop-shop for a range of revision tools.

Countdown to Revision: Quick-fire film based on a free Revision Poster (and yes, that’s as weird as it sounds) that highlights some revision do’s-and-don’ts for those with very short attention spans.

Methods Revision: A technique for revising research methods.

Study Rocket: Psychology revision site.

Learning Scientists: Short films about the science of learning that are much more interesting than I’ve made them sound.

Revision Diaries: A way to make revision more manageable.

Cherry-Picking: Making revision more-interactive the PowerPoint way.

Revision Notes Creator: Let New technology help you create revision sheets.

The Appliance of Science: How to use retrieval practice and spaced learning.

Tips and Techniques: A bundle of links to sites offering revision tips and tricks.

Revision Game: A classroom game to make revision a bit more exciting.

GrudgeballUK: As above.

Revision Cards: If you like your revision Old Skool, this post’s for you.

Connecting Revision: Using Connecting Walls for revision.

Connecting Revision Too: Some online connecting walls.

Connecting Walls Collection: A large selection of ready-made Connecting Walls.

Keyword Revision Mapping: A revision technique.

Revision Tips: 8 tips for studying smarter, to be precise.

5 Secrets To Successful Revision: A short article with some sensible advice.

More A-Level Sociology Personal Learning Checklists: As you may have guessed, some more PLC’s.

Personal Learning Checklists: A big selection of ready-made PLC ‘s.

Personal Learning Checklist Template: Create your own PLC’s.

Theory / Concept Mapping: Printables that can be used to clarify and organise ideas about key theories and / or concepts in sociology or psychology.

Essay Planning: An interactive lesson about extended writing.

Evaluating Research Methods: YouTube Channel with advice about revising research methods.

How to Slay Your (Exam) Demons: A simple online game that offers up a range of exam tips.

Top Teams: A simple but effective revision exercise.

Personal Learning Checklists: GCSE Sociology: What can I say? Some PLC’s. For GCSE Sociology.

One Pagers: How to condense and focus your notes for revision.

When All’s SED and Done: Revision, someone once said, isn’t just for After Christmas. And this post is designed to show you how to revise and improve your extended writing.

Learning Mats: Generic Version: A simple revision technique.

Memory Clock: A full-blown, tried-and-tested, revision system.

What’s In The Envelope?: A revision / recap classroom game.

Creative Connections: Visual revision technique.

Common Exam Errors: And how to avoid making them…

Transferable Concepts in Sociology: Encouraging students to take advantage of transferrable concepts in their exams.

Psychology Teachers Toolkit: Massive compendium of Psychology-related tips, tricks, techniques, games, sims…

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