Colour-Coded Assessment

Colour-coding technique to help students understand exam Assessment Objectives and how to demonstrate them.

Introduction to Psychology Textbook

Free, open-source, Introductory Pyschology textbook, plus free Study Guide.

Revision: Rolling the Dice?

How to incorporate Elaborative Interrogation into your revision.

Dynamic Learning: Active Learning and Cornell Notes

The third Dynamic Learning film introduces students to the Cornell Method and suggests ways it can help them improve the quality of their note-taking.

Dynamic Learning: Sleep and Memory

The second film in the Dynamic Learning series looks at the relationship between sleep and memory and shows students how to apply the knowledge of this relationship to their studies.

Dynamic Learning: The Power of Habits

The first film in our new Dynamic Learning series of Metacognition films shows students how to develop positive study habits.

Collections 3 | Simulations

All of the Sims on the site handily gathered together in one place.

Collections 2 | Revision

This latest Collection gathers all our Revsion process posts into one handy place.

Learning Mat: Paragraph Practice

A Learning Mat designed to help students practice low-stakes paragraph writing in any subject that involves any kind of extended writing.

Creating Curious Presentations: the medium is not the message

Added a short Update to the original “Curiosity” Post relating to how this can encourage students to create better memories.

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