Revision Hacks

5 ways to make your revision less painful and more productive.

Using Animals in Psychological Research

Short film covering the ethical questions surrounding the use of non-human animals in psychological research.

A Mythology of Mass Killers

Our latest short film looks at the mythologies around the issue of mass killers.

Revision Workouts

Revision Workouts are structured revision tasks you can use throughout a course. The examples provided are for Sociology but the blank Workouts can be used for any subject that uses Assessment Objectives.

Revision Strategy Booklet

Set of revision planning strategies (from a simple calander to a variety of learning techniques) to encourage students to plan their revision and revise more effectively.

Roadmap Templates

A range of PowerPoint templates to help you create your own Sociology / Psychology Roadmaps.

Psychology Roadmaps: KS5

Extensive set of KS5 (A-level) Psychology Roadmaps / Learning Jouneys.

Psychology Roadmaps: KS4/5

KS4 / 5 Psychology Roadmaps

Give One, Get One

A simple teaching strategy to structure an extended peice of writing in sociology or psychology.

Classic Studies: The Strange Situation

Updated Powerpoint outlining the methodology of Ainsworth’s “Strange Situtaion”.