Classic Studies: The Strange Situation

Updated Powerpoint outlining the methodology of Ainsworth’s “Strange Situtaion”.

Classic Studies Revisited

Updated PowerPoint Presentation for Bandura’s classic Bobo Doll experiment.

6-Word Stories

A simple – and unusual – revision activity.

Revising Psychology: Laboratory Experiments

Short psychology revision film focused on helping students understand and apply the required skill domains.

Anthecology: Lesson Study Journals

My only previous exposure to teachers carrying-out research in their own school was Sandringham School’s Sandagogy site and the Sandringham Learning Journals therein. That was until I chanced upon the Samuel Whitbread Academy’s Anthecology (no, me neither) and while it may be entirely coincidental that both are Academies, I’m guessing it’s probably not. Which, if […]

Psychology Film Club

Membership of the Psychology Film Club (just £25 + VAT per year) gives you unfettered access to a wide selection of our films specifically tailored to the needs of A-level teachers and students. Membership gives you complete on-demand access to the films across all devices (destop, laptop, tablet, mobile…) – plus automatic access to new films we publish during your […]

The A-level Gender Gap: A Visual Tool

Although I’ve posted before about the gender gap in subject choice, the focus has largely been on explanations for the gap in various broad subject strands (see, for example, Archer 2013). While this type of analysis is, of course, vital, what sometimes gets overlooked in the rush to explain is data that actually allows students […]

Creating Curious Presentations: the medium is not the message

It’s probably fair to say that when it comes to PowerPoint Presentations the crowd is divided: On the one hand it can be a very powerful teaching tool with a relatively low learning curve that makes it easy to pick up and produce Presentations without having to wade through pages of instructions or endless “How […]

Geographical Profiling Applied: The M25 Rapist

Continuing the recent Crime and Criminology vibe with our films (if you’re interested in Geographic Profiling you might also be interested in it’s better-known counterpart Offender Profiling), this companion-piece to Introducing Geographical Offender Profiling complements the original film by using the example of Antoni Imiela, the man the media dubbed the M25 Rapist because the […]

Introducing Geographic Offender Profiling

For students of crime and criminology, not to mention psychology and sociology, Geographic Offender Profiling is a relatively recent development in our attempts to understand the behaviour of serial offenders – from burglars to rapists to murderers. Unlike it’s Criminal Offender Profiling counterpart, Geographic Profiling is less concerned with the psychology of the individual offender […]