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As with their Sociology counterpart, Lumen Learning also supply a range of Psychology PowerPoint Presentations to support their (free) online Psychology course and complement the equally-free Openstax Introduction to Psychology Textbook.

If you’re not familiar with this particualr text it’s an example of a growing field called OER (Open Educational Resources). These are resources created by educational institutions, companies and individuals that are given away under a Create Commons license to anyone who wants to use them. This particular Openstax CC license allows anyone to take the basic text and change it in any way they want to meet the needs of their particular students.

Each of the 16 modules contains around 30 individual slides and while they’re not going to win any prizes for pushing the boundaries of design they do their job.

Although one big advantage of having a basic design is that the slides are easy to edit, because there’s no need to mess around with tricky (or indeed tricksy) formatting.

You can either download the modules individually, if there’s some you don’t teach or don’t need, or in a Single Big (Zipped) Batch.

The choice, as they say, is yours…

Psychological Foundations
Psychological Research
States of Consciousness
Sensation and Perception
Thinking and Intelligence
Memory Learning and Conditioning  
Lifespan Development
Social Psychology
Personality Emotion and Motivation
Industrial-Organizational Psychology
Psychological Disorders
Therapy and Treatment
Stress, Lifestyle, and Health  

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