Social Inequality and The Sunday Times Rich List

Recent (2023) analysis of Sunday Times Rich List provides a lot of student-friendly data about both wealth and social inequality in the UK.

Welcome to the NepoVerse

If you’re having trouble explaining concepts like social and economic capital, Nepo Babies could help…

Dazed. But Not Confused.

Short pop-culture articles about class and culture.

Different for Girls?

Short film examining gender issues in the use of public space.

Accent as Cultural Discrimination

Is your accent still a significance source of discrimination in UK society?

The Class Ceiling

Examining the concept of a class ceiling across three dimensions: what it is, how it’s measured and why it exists.

Social Inequality Smoothies

Identifying a range of useful analogies to help students understand gender inequalities in the workplace.

Social Inequality Smoothies: The Presentation

To complement the Social Inequality Smoothies blog post I thought it might be helpful to create an accompanying PowerPoint Presentation for those who like to take a more-visual approach to these things. It’s a very simple Point-and-Click Presentation (you Point at a picture, Click it and get some basic information) that covers most of your glass-related favourites (I might […]

The A-level Gender Gap: A Visual Tool

Although I’ve posted before about the gender gap in subject choice, the focus has largely been on explanations for the gap in various broad subject strands (see, for example, Archer 2013). While this type of analysis is, of course, vital, what sometimes gets overlooked in the rush to explain is data that actually allows students […]

Researching Media Inequalities: Beyond Bechdel

While the Bechdel Test – does a film contain two named female characters who talk to each other about something other than men? – is a useful way of highlighting broad gender inequalities in the media, it wasn’t designed to capture anything but the most basic forms of gender inequality, particularly and most-notably in Hollywood […]