Dazed. But Not Confused.

I’m guessing the online pop-culture site Dazed probably isn’t most teachers first port of call for sociological content.

Fashion and beauty tips, maybe. But class culture? Probably not.

If that’s the case, however, you’re missing-out on a useful and interesting source of relatively short articles dealing with a range of sociological issues and interests – particularly, but not exclusively around contemporary issues of class and power.

Class Ceiling is a section of the site that brings together stories illustrating “invisible” class divides across a range of categories – from fashion through music to culture and politics – that are written in a way that should both appeal to your students’ sensibilities and, with a bit of luck, provide them with some useful and informative ideas about class and culture you can develop through more-traditional forms of instruction.

As you might expect from what’s basically an Entertainment site, what’s on offer is a bit of a mixed bag as far as sociologists are concerned.

But the accent, so to speak, is firmly on the point at which class and culture collide (the so-called class – culture nexus) and if you want to test the waters before letting your students loose on the site you might find the following selection of interest:

What’s in an accent? How class hierarchy enacts its power through voice

80 per cent of journalists now come from higher class backgrounds

What does class in the UK even mean anymore?

Wearing masks: how to navigate your career as a working-class person

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