Better Sleep: Better Grades

The 9th film in our Dynamic Learning series designed to introduce students to a range of important ideas and skills related to the science of studying.

The series combines both theoretical insights and practical demonstrations of how an understanding of study skills can enhance student exam performance.

Better Sleep is a companion-piece to our earlier Sleep and Memory film (and you thought we just pumped-out films randomly). The latter, you may recall, looked at how sleep – and the lack of same – impacts on our ability to remember and recall information. It also revealed some of the simple sleep hacks students can use to improve their academic performance.

Now, you may be thinking this is all-well-and-good but that’s not much comfort or use to students who find it difficult to get a good night’s sleep – particularly when faced with upcoming tests or exams.

Well, we’ve got that base covered with the latest film in the series, Better Sleep: Better Grades. Here we demonstrate four scientifically tried-and-tested strategies students can use in order to actually get the kind of good night’s sleep that aides the development of strong, successful, memories.

Sweet Dreams…

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