Spaced Repetition

The 7th film in our Dynamic Learning Series designed to introduce students to a range of important ideas and skills related to the science of studying. The series combines both theoretical insights and practical demonstrations of how an understanding of study skills can enhance student exam performance. This short film introduces a tried-and-tested technique for memorising information, both […]

Dynamic Learning: Metacognition

The 7th film in our Dynamic Learning Series designed to introduce students to a range of important ideas and skills related to the science of studying. Understandably perhaps, most students spend the vast majority of their study time thinking about what they’re learning, rather than how they’re learning it, on the not-too-questionable  basis that if […]

Dual Coding: The Film

Dual coding – the 5th film in our Dynamic Learning series – is based on the idea that we process visual and verbal information in different ways and in separate parts of the brain. These then become connected in long term memory. We can use this knowledge to improve our learning and retention. Education scientists […]

Retrieval Practice: The Film

In this series of films we take a new and dynamic approach to selling the advantages of study skills to students. This film, the 4th in the series, provides an insight into retrieval practice and how to use it effectively. Research has shown that we spend most of our free study time re-reading, underlining and […]

Dynamic Learning: Active Learning and Cornell Notes

The third Dynamic Learning film introduces students to the Cornell Method and suggests ways it can help them improve the quality of their note-taking.

Dynamic Learning: Sleep and Memory

The second film in the Dynamic Learning series looks at the relationship between sleep and memory and shows students how to apply the knowledge of this relationship to their studies.

Dynamic Learning: The Power of Habits

The first film in our new Dynamic Learning series of Metacognition films shows students how to develop positive study habits.

Mass Killings: The Role of the Media

Short film exploring the role of the media in relation to fame-seeking mass killers.

Using Animals in Psychological Research

Short film covering the ethical questions surrounding the use of non-human animals in psychological research.

A Mythology of Mass Killers

Our latest short film looks at the mythologies around the issue of mass killers.