Welcome to ShortCutstv


We are a UK-based independent educational production company specialising in Sociology, Psychology and Criminology films aimed at teachers and students.

All our current films are available On-Demand, with options to purchase and own outright or rent for 48-hours. Using this option our films are available for immediate download / viewing.

We also have a smaller range of DVD-based films that can be purchased through our secure online shop.

You can find information about and previews of all of our films by using the relevant subject page links.

Our Blog is also constantly updated with all kinds of free resources designed to complement teaching and learning - from complete, free, textbooks and supporting resources, through lesson plans and worksheets, to interesting web sites, knowledge organisers, video and audio resources - in fact, anything we think might be helpful.

If you're so inclined you can also follow us on Facebook, where we actively post all the resources (and other stuff) that can't be squeezed into the Blog.