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We are UK-based video producers with over 20 years experience of creating short, professionally-produced classroom-friendly, Sociology, Psychology and Criminology films featuring some of the leading British and American academics in their field.

These films are all available individually On-demand or as a member of The Psychology Film Club.

All our films are scripted by experienced teachers to ensure their content and language is matched to the specific needs of the A-level, High School and Undergraduate markets.

All of our films are available On-Demand for viewing across all platforms – mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop – to:

Rent: the film can be viewed as many times as you like across a 7-day period and is ideal for teachers who only need to show a film at particular times in the academic year.

Buy: all our films can be purchased and owned outright. This option is ideal for teachers who want to make a film available to students wherever and whenever they want to view it.

You can browse our complete Sociology, Psychology and Criminology film library using the subject links at the top of the page.

There you will find information about each film, a preview trailer and purchase links.

Alongside our film library we have a Blog that is continually updated with free resources designed to complement teaching and learning.

Some recent additions include complete, free textbooks with supporting resources, plus a wide range of lesson plans, worksheets, knowledge organisers, video and audio resources.

You can also follow us on Facebook, where we actively post all the resources (and other stuff) that can’t be squeezed into the Blog.

The Dead Grandmother Problem | 2: Some Lessons

A few years ago (4 to be precise) I did a post on Mike Adams’ “Dead Grandmother Problem” and I’ve finally got around to updating it with some Methods-related suggestions about how you could use “The Problem” in the classroom.

Psychology Learning Tables | 9

The ninth (and final!) set of A-level Psychology Knowledge Organisers covers the letters P (for Parasocial Relationships) to W (Working Memory Model).

Independent Study Booklets: Sociology

A range of (AQA) Independent Study Booklets containing an interesting mix of notes, key ideas, quick questions, consolidation tasks and planned “exam style” questions.

One of the few resources I’ve seen that try to integrate knowledge acquisition with the development of specific study skills designed to help students retain and recall the information they’ve been taught.

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