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Mass Killers: Mythologies

Mass killings, described by the FBI as four or more unlawful killings in a single event, devastate communities and create fear across countries. But if

Beyond the Bystander Effect

The Bystander Effect has long been used to explain the general lack of public help towards people who have been harmed, or are at risk

Criminal Offender Profiling

Profiling: An area that’s captured the public imagination from tv shows like Mindhunter and Criminal Minds is criminal profiling. But what’s the reality behind the

Hate Crime in Everyday Life

Crime and Deviance: Hate Crime is high profile now. But the cases of violent hate crime we see in the media are just the tip

Durkheim and the Functions of Crime

Crime and Deviance: It seems obvious to most people that crime and social order are opposites. But more than a century ago French sociologist Emile

Crime and the Night-Time Economy

Crime and Deviance: The concept of social control is an important one in the sociology of crime and deviance and this short film, featuring contributions

Crimes of the Powerful

Crime and Deviance: This short film illustrates how crimes committed by powerful social actors differ in terms of both: type – the distinction between white-collar,

Moral Panics

Crime and Deviance: This film examines the concepts of moral panic and deviancy amplification through both a classic – Stan Cohen talking about the origins

Crime and Gender: Closing the Gap

Crime and Deviance: The most consistent finding in the study of crime is the relationship between crime and gender. In almost every country, over 80%

Strain Theory

Crime and Deviance: Robert Merton was one of the first sociologists to look at the relationship between culture and crime and this film provides a

Space, Place and (Broken) Windows

Crime and Deviance: Spatial criminology asks whether it’s possible to reduce crime by changing social spaces. This short film featuring Dr Steven Taylor, begins with

The Cannibal on Bus 1170

Crime and Deviance: In 2008, Vincent Li murdered and then cannibalised 22 year old Tim McLean on a Greyhound Bus heading for Winnipeg. And the

Labelling Theory

Crime and Deviance: Traditionally criminology focused on criminal action and its control, but in the 1960’s Labelling Theory widened the focus to include the social

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