SCTV Privacy Policy

When the designers of this site added a Privacy Policy it was a standard one-size-fits-all effort that bore no resemblance to what we actually do.

Not only was it misleading. It was also ridiculous. Too ridiculous to be allowed to represent us on the Web. We decided we could do better than some boilerplate corporate-speak nonsense.

So we decided to write our own Privacy Policy.

One that might not have all the arcane trappings of “a legal document” but which, by way of compensation, might actually reflect our attitude to your privacy (as opposed to the arse-covering exercise of the original).


The main privacy issue for users of this site ( in case you’re confused about where you are) is how and why we use cookies (and the information they may contain).

In a nutshell, we (as in shortcutstv etc.) don’t. Use cookies that is.

We’re not interested in trying to track you across the site, we’re not trying to sell you advertising (tailored to your personal interests or otherwise) and we don’t really give a toss where you go after leaving the site.

That’s your business.

Not ours.

Having said that, there are a couple of Corps who will place cookies on your computer whenever you visit us:

      • WordPress – the site and blog provider.

      • Vimeo  – the on-demand video provider.

    Unfortunately there’s nothing much we can do about this. If we want to have a WordPress blog there are certain cookies they insist we use. Similarly with Vimeo, who we use for on-demand video. Whenever you watch a trailer on our site, Vimeo will use cookies to track what you’re doing etc.

    Some browsers (such as Microsoft Edge – there are plenty of others available) allow you to control what cookies you accept and if you’re really, really, into your privacy you should try using one of them. Such browsers will also allow you to block / erase so-called 3rd Party cookies – companies who will track your online behaviour because they want to use or sell the information they can discover about you to make money.

    Lots of money.

    Surveillance Capitalism is very lucrative (if immoral).

    If you use a browser like Google Chrome or the Google Search Engine, don’t fret. You’ve already compromised your Internet Privacy and there’s not much point worrying about the Shortcutstv Privacy Policy (as if…). Because, not to put too fine a point on things, Google will sell your soul for a dime. And they’re big enough to have plenty of buyers.

    If you want a privacy-orientated Search Engine, try something like Duckduckgo. Unlike Google, they don’t store your Internet Search history and they don’t track you as you wander across the web.


    If – and only if – you decide to Follow our Blog (did you spot the subtle, sumliminal advertising?) you’ll need to give us your email address because, with the best will in the world, no-one from ShortCuts is going to search the web for your postal address so we can deliver an update personally to your front door. Although we shouldn’t need to say it, but we will nevertheless, the only use to which we put this information is to let you know each time we make a blog post. We don’t sell it and we don’t pass it to third-parties who will try to sell you stuff. Think of it as being a bit like your home address. Everyone knows where you live but no-one makes any effort to call (that may have come out a bit wrong).

    If you suddenly decide you’ve made a grave error of judgement in following our blog you always have the option to unsubscribe. At which point we totally forget all about you.

    It will be as if you never existed to us (think of it as being like your ex).


    As we hope you’re starting to realise, we don’t really need much of a Privacy Policy, as such, because we already respect your privacy to the extent we don’t try to collect Personally Identifiable Information. Although we love and respect each and everyone of you, we don’t actually care who you are and don’t really want to know anything about you.

    Sad perhaps.

    But true.

    Blame the Internet.

    Everyone else does.

    Contact Us

    If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, feel free to contact us:

    I’d love to say we’re just dying to hear from you. But obviously that wouldn’t actually be true.

    Last Updated: November 8th 2022