The Real CSI

The Centre for Social Investigation – not to be confused with the long-running TV series – was established at Nuffield College in 2014 as an “interdisciplinary research programme” with the aim of addressing “contemporary social issues of public interest”.

To which end, the upshot of all this collaborative enterprise and expertise is a series of Reports, ranging across social inequality, family life and crime, that are a potentially useful resource for Sociology teachers – particularly since each Report runs to just 4 pages and is packed with statistical analysis and insightful commentary.

As an added bonus each Report has a student-friendly bulleted summary of its Key Points – something you can check-out by browsing some or all of the following selection:

CSI 34: Did hate crime double after Brexit?

CSI 30: Cybercrime

CSI 29: Homelessness in the UK

CSI 27: Are British parents investing less time in their children?

CSI 25: Trends in educational mobility

CSI 21: Social class mobility in modern Britain

CSI 17: Who is at greatest risk of poor health?

CSI 15: The uneven distribution and decline of social capital in Britain

CSI 11: Is Class Inequality at KS4 decreasing?

CSI 9: Is the UK becoming more gender equal?

CSI 7: Has our level of education increased?

CSI 4: Is crime really falling?

CSI 1: Are we living longer?

Alternatively, you can browse and download the complete list of 35 Reports.

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