Revision Hacks

5 ways to make your revision less painful and more productive.

A Mythology of Mass Killers

Our latest short film looks at the mythologies around the issue of mass killers.

Revision Workouts

Revision Workouts are structured revision tasks you can use throughout a course. The examples provided are for Sociology but the blank Workouts can be used for any subject that uses Assessment Objectives.

AICE Sociology

School website featuring resources for Introductory Sociology, Research Methods and Family Life.

Revision Strategy Booklet

Set of revision planning strategies (from a simple calander to a variety of learning techniques) to encourage students to plan their revision and revise more effectively.

Evaluating Crime Reduction Strategies 2. Scared Straight

PowerPoint Presentation that evaluates the “Scared Straight” crime reduction strategy.

Evaluating Crime Reduction Strategies 1. Prison Dog-training

Short PowerPoint Presentation that outlines and evaluates Dog-Training Programs in Prison as a way of reducing reoffending.

Welcome to the NepoVerse

If you’re having trouble explaining concepts like social and economic capital, Nepo Babies could help…

Dazed. But Not Confused.

Short pop-culture articles about class and culture.

Roadmap Templates

A range of PowerPoint templates to help you create your own Sociology / Psychology Roadmaps.