Mass Killers: Mythologies

Mass killings, described by the FBI as four or more unlawful killings in a single event, devastate communities and create fear across countries. But if we’re going to begin to understand what makes someone randomly kill large numbers of people, it’s important to distinguish between the evidence and the mythology. This film, featuring the work […]

Lost in the Mall: The Memory Wars

In this film, Profess or Elizabeth Loftus explains how her ‘lost in the mall’ technique demonstrated the creation of false memories. The ‘memory war’ that followed not only threatened her professional reputation but also her life.

Aftershock: obedience and identity

Generations of students have been taught that Milgram’s famous obedience experiments demonstrated how easily ordinary people can be persuaded to harm others when instructed to by a person in authority. But did Milgram’s research really show that? Using original footage and new documentary evidence, this film suggests that Milgram’s experiments demonstrate something rather different, that […]

The Ethics of Abortion

The controversies surrounding abortion involve a clash between two fundamental rights: the right of the unborn child, or foetus, and the rights of the mother. This film begins with the storm created by the case of Roe vs Wade in America and then provides students with an unbiased analysis of the ethical issues underlying demands […]

Media and Aggression

Media Effects: Can we learn aggression from aggressive media? This film looks at experimental, longitudinal and case study research evidence and how social learning, script theory and susceptibility approaches such as hostile attribution bias can help understand and explain this evidence.

Rosenhan: being sane in insane places

This haunting film provides a brilliant summary of one of the most infamous experiments ever conducted in psychology, looking at its origins, methods, quite extraordinary findings and its lasting impact on psychiatry.   

Attachment and Child Development

Attachment: Three short films looking at different aspects of attachment and child development: Bowlby: Attachment and Maternal Deprivation  In the 1930s a young psychiatrist noticed how many of the disturbed children he saw had been separated from their parents in early life. This was John Bowlby whose work had a massive influence on how psychologists […]

Aspects of Sleep

Sleep: Four short films that examine different aspects of the psychology of sleep: 1.Why Do We Sleep?  We’ll spend about a third of our lives asleep. But why? Why do we need to sleep? Filmed at a University Sleep Laboratory, this short film demonstrates the effect of lack of sleep and why it is so […]

Maths in Psychology: Student Pack

In these 6 short films, UK psychology teacher and examiner Deb Gajic walks students through a range of classic psychological tests, showing them step-by-step how to calculate and apply: 1. Spearman’s Rho: If your students are having trouble understanding Spearman’s Rho – or you simply want to give them a concise step-by-step walk-through – this […]

Wilcoxen Signed Rank Test

How to Calculate: Experienced Psychology teacher Deb Gajic shows students how to calculate and apply the Wilcoxen Signed Ranks Test to a contemporary psychological hypothesis: “Participants will score lower on a reaction test after consuming alcohol“