Approaches to Health and Illness: Biomedical and Social

Quite by chance, the other day I came across a very useful diagrammatic representation of the debate between biomedical and social approaches to health and illness. Probably when I was looking for something else. You know how it is. The diagram is based on the American County Health Rankings National Findings Report created by The […]

Another Batch of A-level Sociology Organisers

This new (2023) set of Sociology A-level Knowledge Organisers covers Media, Education, Crime, Health, World Sociology and Religion.

More A-level Sociology PLC’s

Another set of Personal Learning Checklists with which to welcome in the
New Year.

Footnotes Magazine

Footnotes is the American Sociological Association’s (ASA) quarterly magazine that “showcases sociologists’ perspectives on relevant and topical themes and includes information related to ASA and the discipline of sociology“. It is, in other words, an online magazine that contains a range of short(ish) articles dealing with contemporary sociological issues and ideas that are useful for […]

Digested Research: Children and Parental Care

The extent of elderly adult parental care carried-out by children is an increasingly important one, particularly in Western societies like Britain and America where an ageing population demographic places increasing strains on both public and private heath care systems. Sociologically, questions about “Who does it?” and “How much do they do?” are also important at […]

Sociological Insights: A Curated Collection of ASA Videos

The American Sociological Association seems to take a genuine interest in the study of sociology at all levels – from the humble High School classroom to the rarefied strata of postgraduate specialisms – and their latest initiative is the creation of what they’ve called Sociological Insights: “A curated collection of short videos, featuring sociologists sharing […]

Sociological Research Articles

I found this document lurking on a hard drive and while I’ve absolutely no idea from where it originally came, the metadata says “2008” and since it’s called “Sociological Research articles (since 2000)” it’s a fair bet it contains articles published between those two dates. As you can see, very little gets past me. Digging […]

Gone in 60 Seconds: video explainers

Helen Barnard, currently Deputy Director of Policy and Partnerships at the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, has created a Vimeo Channel (an up-market version of YouTube that we like so much we have our own dedicated ShortCutstv Channel) filled with a number of very short films on and around the topics of poverty and welfare. Most of […]

Society Now Magazine

“Society Now” is a free full-colour magazine published four times a year by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and features a range of articles that “showcase the impact of the social science research” funded by the Council. Although the magazine includes material that’s not necessarily relevant to a-level sociology – the ERSC funds […]

23 | Health: Part 4

In this final chapter in the Health series the main focus is on the role of health professionals in society, as seen through the lens of four sociological perspectives: • Functionalist, with the main focus on the role of health systems and health professionals. • Marxist, looking at medicine in terms of its production and […]