Roadmap Templates

A range of PowerPoint templates to help you create your own Sociology / Psychology Roadmaps.

Psychology Roadmaps: KS4/5

KS4 / 5 Psychology Roadmaps

Ask A Psychologist

In addition to offering free KS3 and 4 Debate Kits the “I’m A Scientist” web site also features a dedicated Psychology Zone, funded by The British Psychological Society, (other Zones – Health, Helium and Molecule – are available should you be interested), the main purpose of which is to enable students to participate in short […]

Hybrid Knowledge Organisers

Knowledge Organisers (or Learning Tables if you prefer) have become something of a standard teaching and learning tool at both GCSE and A-level and while you may or may not find them helpful, one problem I’ve always found with them is the deceptively-simple one that they focus on knowledge. But one of the key things […]

Psychology Transition Materials

As with their sociological peers, Psychology teachers have also been busy producing a wide range of materials designed, in the main, to ease the transition between GCSE and A-level and this means there’s plenty of resources freely available to either use “as is” or, more-likely perhaps, to inspire the creation of your own transition resources. […]

Thinking Tools

Although I’ve previously posted about the Eduqas Digital Educational Resources for both GCSE and A-level Sociology and Psychology, I thought  it might be worth drawing your attention to a section called “Thinking Tools” that can easily get missed what with all the free resources and all. This would be a pity because although it’s not […]

Revision Game: Crumple and Shoot

Crumple-and-Shoot is a simple, whole-class, team-based, revision game that’s similar to the GrudgeBallUk revision game I’ve previously posted. The main difference between the two is that Crumple and Shoot (or as I’d like to call it, “Bin It to Win It”) is much easier to set-up and play and requires very few resources: some questions, […]

When All’s SED and Done: Write. Review. Revise

Reviewing and revising student work at GCSE or A-level is a crucial part of the teaching and learning process and one way to encourage this is to use a simple formula: Save, Erase, Develop (SED). This post looks at how your students can review and revise their written work using this  formula. It can also, […]

GCSE Psychology: Revision Booklet

The final offering in this short GCSE Psychology series is a revision booklet by R Cummins of Knowsley College that covers both Unit 1: Making sense of other people (Memory, Non-verbal communication, Development of personality, Stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination and Research methods).  Unit 2: Understanding other people (Learning, Social influence, Sex and Gender, Aggression, and […]

GCSE Psychology: Unit 2

Having posted stuff for AQA Psychology Unit 1 it’s probably only fair to do the same for Unit 2 so today’s post focuses on two offerings 1. Understanding Other People: This resource, created by T Mitchell, consists of information and activities – plus a few revision tips – focused on various aspects of Conditioning. There’s […]