Revision Hacks

Having previously posted about his Revision Workouts I’ve revisited The Sociology Guy’s web site to highlight a range of Revision Hacks he’s created that students might find useful.

Unlike the Sociology-specific Workouts (although, as I’ve suggested, it’s not difficult to take the basic Workout formula and apply it to any subjects where the exam board uses Assessment Objectives – that would be all of them), the Revision Hacks are more-general tips ‘n’ techniques students can use to gain a better grade (or that’s the theory, anyway).

As with All-Things-Revision, not every tip, trick, hack or technique with be everyone’s cut of hot chocolate with extra cream, but it doesn’t hurt to try different ideas just to see if they work for you.

And while there are only 5 Hacks available, this is no bad thing given that the objective is to find Shortcuts to Revision (a phrase we will shortly be bringing to a screen very near you):

Cue Cards – an old favourite with a very useful innovation…

Leg Day – a graded difficulty revision workout.

Concept Mapping – a bit like Revision Mapping™ or Honeycomb Hexagons

Theory Tracking – a variation on transferable / transgressive concepts whereby you track theorists and theories across different areas of the curriculum.

Getting Organised – small really is beautiful. Within reason.

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