Sociology Revision Cards

Back in the day, before the invention of Learning Tables / Knowledge Organisers, students had to make do with Revision Cards – lists of all the key ideas and concepts you might need to know for an exam (you’ll find a selection here if you want to take a trip back to a time before mobile phones ).

Anyway, I chanced upon a mix of PowerPoint and Pdf Revision Cards (dating from around 2014 so they may require a bit of editing to bring them into line with the latest Specifications) on Chris Deakin’s SociologyHeaven website. I’m guessing the PowerPoints were designed for whole-class revision but if you want to give your students the slides as Revision Cards just use the Export function to create pdf files.

If you find the Kristen ITC font used in the files a bit too racy for your taste, just convert the text to something like Arial.


Family and Social Policy
Revision Presentation covering various aspects of family and social policy.

Role of the Family
Revision Cards on Functionalism and Marxism, plus a couple of blank cards for New Right and Feminism. Probably most useful to edit the file to remove extraneous slides and Export the remaining slides as a pdf file.

Crime and Deviance
Extensive range of cards covering most areas of the Specification (a few bits, such as Media and Crime are missing). Again, probably best to Export the slides as a pdf file.

Globalisation and Crime

Religion and Beliefs
Big file of Revision cards covering most areas of the Specification (there are a few bits missing, such as science as a belief system) but otherwise plenty of cards to get your teeth into.

Extensive and detailed set of revision cards on various aspects of secularisation.

General revision across a range of topics – from the role of education to gender and subject choice. File dates from 2013 so it may need some updating in terms of specification coverage.

Revision Cards


Official Crime Statistics
Social Distribution of Crime 
Crime and Locality 


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