Revision Strategy Booklet

I think it’s probably fair to say that over the past few years we haven’t been backward when coming forward with both GCSE and A-level revision materials.

Whether you’re looking for personal learning checklists, revision mapping, revision techniques or just plain old notes, there’s plenty to explore.

And on the basis that you can’t have too much of a good thing, I thought I’d add this revision strategy booklet into the mix – mainly because it draws together a range of revision themes that students should find helpful.

It is, in this respect, a kind of one-stop-shop for the kinds of tools students will find useful for successful revision. These include:

  • A calendar for planning revision sessions
  • Tips on time planning
  • 6 reasons to put your phone away while you revise
  • A subject planner to help you sort-out your revision requirements
  • An overview of different learning techniques you might want to apply to your revision
  • Tips on how to use past paper practice as part of your revision
  • How to cope with stress and protect your general wellbeing.

And while you might not want or need to use all of the information in the Booklet, there’s bound to be something in it you’ll find interesting and possibly indispensable.

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