Family and Household Revision Guide

Family Revision PowerPoint
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This is an extensive PowerPoint Presentation I’ve picked-up from somewhere (who knows…), stored on a hard drive and rediscovered when looking for something else.

So, no surprises there.

It is, though, fairly recent (probably 2017) and reflects the content of the latest AQA Specification – which is a little more unusual.

I’ve no-idea who put it together – which is a shame because it’s a bit of a labour of love covering 70 informative and colourful slides split into 6 sections. These cover:

1. Couples: the domestic division of labour, resources and decision-making, personal-life perspective on money, domestic violence.

2. Childhood: social construction of, globalisation, history, changes in position, the future of childhood.

3. Family Theories: Functionalist, Marxist, Feminist, Personal Life perspective (Interactionist).

4. Demographic Changes: Births, fertility, death, ageing, migration.

5. Changing family relationships: divorce, partnerships (marriage, cohabitation), parents and children, step-families, ethnic families,

6. Family Diversity: Modernism and nuclear families (Functionalism, New Right), postmodern families, personal life perspective.

While the Presentation’s aimed at a very specific UK Sociology Specification with its own particular quirks (such as an insistence on rebranding action approaches to family life as “the sociology of personal life”) there’s enough general information in the Presentation to make it worthwhile for teachers of other Specifications, such as OCR, Eduqas or CIE.

Just chop-out the slides you don’t need.

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