Connecting Walls Collection

CBSC Sociology has been busy creating and posting a huge number of revision Connecting Walls on Twitter and, in the spirit of “pinching other people’s stuff and sharing it with a wider audience”, I’ve pulled all their tweets together into one handy blog post for your – and your students’ – greater convenience.

So, if you’re looking for a fun way to spice-up classroom revision with a bit of competitive tension, try some or all of the following:


Education Wall 1

Education Wall 2

Education Wall 3

Education Wall 4  

Education Wall 5

Research Methods

Research Methods Wall 1

Research Methods Wall 2

Culture and Identity

Culture and Identity Wall 1

Culture and Identity Wall 2

Culture and Identity Wall 3


Media Wall 1

Media Wall 2

Media Wall 3

Media Wall 4

Media Wall 5

Media Wall 6

Theory and Methods

Theory and Methods Wall 1

Theory and Methods Wall 2

Theory and Methods Wall 3

Theory and Methods Wall 4

Crime and Deviance

Crime and Deviance Wall 1

Crime and Deviance Wall 2

Crime and Deviance Wall 3

Crime and Deviance Wall 4

Crime and Deviance Wall 5

Crime and Deviance Wall 6

Crime and Deviance Wall 7

Crime and Deviance Wall 8

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