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Crime and Deviance Cheat Sheet

I’ve previously posted about the idea of Sociology and Psychology Factsheets – reasonably short sets of Notes you can either buy “ready-made” from somewhere like The Curriculum Press or, if you’re a bit more adventurous (or short of cash), create yourself using Desktop-publishing software.

If you’re interested in the latter – but don’t want to get down’n’dirty with the design and creation of your own bespoke Factsheets – Cheatography is an online resource you and your students might find useful.

Despite the rather provocative name, Cheatography is actually just a contemporary update of the good old-fashioned cheat (or crib) sheet creator – albeit one that has all the bells and whistles (text, graphics, pictures and video) we’ve come to expect as standard in this digital age.

It’s a means, in other words, of creating (and sharing) sheets of Notes quickly and efficiently that can be stored and viewed online or, if you prefer, saved as a pdf file for personal use.

The big advantage of the site, apart from the fact it’s free to use (although online Cheat Sheets include advertising – even free has it’s price), is that it makes it easy to create well-structured revision-type Notes (or any other type of Notes, come to that).

And that’s about it, really.

If you need some help getting started, there’s an online guide on how to create a Cheat Sheet – although if you want to get a little meta about it, have a look at the Cheat Sheet for Creating Cheat Sheets because it shows you exactly what you can create using the resource.

There are also a few examples of Cheat Sheets students have made to give you a bit of guidance and inspiration:

Memory Cheat Sheet



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