Countdown to Revision

Free Poster…

Or, to give it its full title the “Top Tip Revision Countdown List”.

This is a short (2-minute) film I put together (and for “put” you should probably read “cobbled”) as a slightly different way of highlighting some of the things students should be doing – and avoiding – when and if they get down to revising.

In other words, I was at a loose end and thought it might be fun to take something like Collins’ free Revision Tips Poster idea to see if I could convert it into something slightly more mobile.

Sadly, that was the extent of my ambition and, considered in those terms, I believe I have succeeded.

As you will appreciate if you watch it, it’s designed to be a spoof of the kind of list-vids Channel 5 produce by the shedload.

Having said that, the information it contains is pretty solid.

If you’re interested Collins are also giving away a Revision Plan template (also known as “A Calendar”).

Every Little Helps.


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