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Knowledge Organisers, you may or may not be surprised to learn, are the classroom requirement de nos jours and while some (looking at you Michaela Community School) may like to casually lay claim to the concept / format as being something radically new and different they’ve developed, it really isn’t.

Here, for example, is one I made earlier (about 20-odd years earlier…) and if past experience is anything to go by I probably stole the idea from someone else (or, as I like to think, my efforts were influenced by those of others).

Be that as it may, if you’ve landed here looking for Knowledge Organisers, here’s another batch I’ve managed to find using my finely-tuned Sociological Sensibility (or “typing stuff into Google to see what I can find” as it’s more-commonly known. Probably).

These KO’s are slightly different to the various Learning Tables (LT) we’ve previously posted, but they are, to-all-intents-and-purposes, the same in terms of what they exist to do.

You will find, if you compare the two (otherwise you’ll never actually know), this batch is a little less ambitious in scope and design than the previous LT’s, so it may be a case of choosing which suits you and your students and sticking with those. Or not as the case may be.

Although the original files I found were in pdf format, I’ve converted them to Word so that you can more-easily edit them if you want to. The only difference between the two files is that rounded bullets in the pdf file have been converted as square bullets in the Word file.

These Knowledge Organisers are all by the same author (Annabel Priano), which gives them a measure of consistency throughout; they all, for example, generally follow the basic idea of highlighting the knowledge students need to have in order to prepare them for the exam and it’s all condensed onto a single page (give-or-take).

I’m guessing they are designed for AQA AS Sociology but I’m a little rusty where UK Specifications are concerned and, if truth be told, I couldn’t be bothered to check. You’ll know if they’re right for the Specification you’re following:

Social Construction of Culture KO
Theoretical Perspectives KO

Education Patterns of Attainment KO
Education Theoretical Perspectives KO
Role of Education KO

Family Demographic Changes KO
Family Describing Relationships KO
Family Theoretical Perspectives KO

Research Methods KO

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