Mass Media: Old and New

Globalisation and the Digital World

I’ve previously posted a Resource Pack and some Revision Stuff on this topic and although it’s peculiar to a single UK Exam Board (OCR in case you were wondering) it covers material – from ownership and control to concepts of class, age, gender and ethnicity – that most media sociology courses incorporate into their discussion of the social and technological impacts of new forms of digital media. If you want to check-out what’s covered – and pick-up a few useful teaching bits-and-bobs into the bargain, have a look at the Lesson Element issued by the Board.

Even if you don’t teach this particular Specification the PowerPoint Presentations I’ve collected are worth checking-out just to see if there’s stuff that can be adopted and / or adapted to the specific requirements of whatever A-level Specification you teach.

In addition, for those of you who are still a bit Old School in how you present the media I’ve added a few more mainstream Meida Presentations on stuff like Defining the Media, Representations and The Selection and Presentation of Media Content.

The first batch of materials was created by Lizzie Read and while they’re presented as PowerPoint Presentations I’d suggest that you may find it more helpful to convert them to .pdf documents, mainly because some of the slides contain quite large amounts of information that would be difficult to read in Presentation format.

Globalisation and the Digital World

Definition of Globalisation

New forms of digital communication (Teacher Version)

Applying theory to new digital forms of communication: Teacher Version | Student Version

What is the impact of Digital Forms of Communication in a Global Context? Student Version

The Impact of Digital Forms of Communication: Age, class gender and location Teacher Version | Student Version

How has digital communication affected people’s relationships? Teacher Version | Student Version

General Media Sociology

As an added bonus I’ve found a few general media PowerPoint Presentations you might find interesting and / or useful:

Defining the Mass Media

Media Representations 1

Media Representations 2

Selection and Presentation of Media Content

Media Perspectives

Mass Media as a Social Institution

How does the Media Help Construct Feminine Identity (1)?

How does the Media Help Construct Feminine Identity (2)?

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