Family PowerPoints Bundle

This collection of PowerPoints for Families and Households comes from a variety of sources, only one of whom I know personally.

Like all of the other Presentations, however, I know not from where it came.

The Presentations cover a range of family-related issues and ideas, from different family perspectives, through the role of the family to areas like diversity, childhood, stability and decline and while they might accurately be described as “Something of A Mixed Bag” in terms of both design and content, they might save you a bit of time and effort.

I’ve added a very short description of each Presentation but this is only a rough guide to content…

Types of Family: Simple 2-slide Presentation that asks students questions about different types of family (plus, for some reason, Murdock’s family functions).

Family Functions…

Family Overview: General intro to a variety of family-related ideas (functions…) and issues (declining rates of marriage…) that’s based on an American textbook. Although a little dated now it covers a number of “family themes” that are largely unchanging…

Sociological Perspectives on Family: Short notes on Functionalism, Conflict theory and Symbolic Interaction (although mainly Functionalism).

Chester and the neo-conventional family: Overview of Chester’s arguments about the nuclear family, plus a few comparative arguments.

Functionalism and the Family: Presentation outlining the Murdock / Parsons view of family life.

Functionalism and Changing Family Structures: Presentation that asks students to “explore and evaluate how the functionalist perspective explains the changing family structure”.

Evaluating Functionalist Perspectives: Lesson plan based around the assessment of functionalist perspectives on family life.

Family Functions: An “all-singing, all-dancing” presentation on family functions that asks to “enable macros” but works just as well if you don’t. Go figure. You’ll either love or loathe the approach but it does contain lots of useful ideas for activities…

Feminism and the Family: Relatively simple Presentation looking at feminism and the symmetrical family thesis.

Feminism and the New Right: A lesson plan designed “To investigate the view Feminist and New Right sociologists take of the family and to evaluate this viewpoint”.

Marxism and the Family1: First of two Marxism Presentations, this one focuses on classical Marxism (Engels etc.).

Perspectives on the Family…

Marxism and the Family2: Second of two Marxism Presentations.

Marxism and the Family: [marxism-and-family.pptx] Outlines a range of basic Marxist ideas and then applies the perspective to an understanding of family life.

Family and Social Policy: Presentation designed to “demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of how social policy has impacted on the structure of the family” from a New Right perspective.

Family and Social Policy: Presentation designed “To understand how social policy since 1997 has had an impact on the family” via a simple matching game…

Has the position of children in society improved? Colourful Presentation that examines historical changes in the position of children within the family group.

Children and Childhood: Large (50-odd slides) Presentation looking at various aspects of children and childhood.

Aries on Childhood: Simple in both design and content this short Presentation covers some aspects of changing childhood through the work of Aries.

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