Yet More Sociology Knowledge Organisers

The Learning Tables and Knowledge Organisers we’ve recently posted were all for the AQA Specification and while there’s a good deal of crossover between this Specification and OCR I thought it would be helpful to those following the latter if they had some KO’s to call their own.

These Organisers, all produced by Lucy Cluley, are, however, slightly different in that while some – mainly those for Research Methods – are complete, the remainder are blank templates. That is, while the author has designed various categories in areas like Crime Reduction Techniques or Research Methods, the actual content is up to you – and / or your students – to create.

While this has an obvious downside (someone else hasn’t done the work…) it does open-up interesting possibilities for revision work with your students, either individually or as a whole class.

In relation to the latter you’ll note that most of the blank templates are in PowerPoint (PP) format but if you want to use them with individual students simply use the PowerPoint Export function to save them as pdf files.

Crime and Deviance
Crime theory PP
Reducing crime template PP
Measuring crime template PP
Class, Gender, Age, Ethnic Patterns template PP
Theories of Crime template

Research Methods
Introduction to research PP
Sampling PP
Methodology and Sampling
Research Methods template PP

Social Inequality
Social Class: Functionalism template PP

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