Youth Culture: Miscellaneous Files

While rooting around on one of my many hard drives I came across a folder which contained, among other things, a whole host of files on Youth Culture. They seem to have been created by a couple of people (d.capper and c.johnson) around 2009 / 10, which means they relate specifically to the OCR Specification but one (or maybe two? I’ve lost count).

Anyway, although I’ve no idea who the authors might be – or in which school / college they teach – I thought some of the files might be a useful complement to the 4 (count ‘em) Youth Culture chapters I’ve recently posted.

Although I’ve discarded files that referred directly to whatever Specification it was they originally referred to, this still leaves a batch of files I’ve divided, partly for convenience and partly because I like categorising stuff, into two areas – Notes and Activities / Planning and Feedback:

1. Notes and Activities: These files generally contain a mix of the two (Notes interspersed with short questions / activities).

The experience of youth in education: Notes with questions

Theories with activities: General Notes on a range of perspectives (Functionalism, Marxism, Interactionism, Feminism and Postmodernism) coupled with examples of their application to understanding youth culture. Simple questions / activities complete the package.

Introduction to the Sociology of Youth: Create a presentation.

Girl subcultures: Brief Notes and questions

Subcultures as a form of Resistance: Notes that provide a useful historical overview of spectacular youth subcultures, linked to the idea of youth subcultures as a form of resistance.

Postmodern Youth: Simple classroom activity.

Identify the Theory: Card-matching game that requires students to link statements to theories.

Gender and Delinquency: Brief Notes.

Moral Panics: Report-writing activity.

2. Planning and Feedback: Files that help students / teachers to plan / organise.

Assessment Feedback Sheet: Detailed proforma used to provide students with formal feedback. You will need to update it with information from the current Specification, but that’s just a cut-‘n’-paste job.

AS Sociology Assessment Objectives: A simple outline of what students need to do to cover different Assessment Objectives.

Presentation Assessment: If you use class presentations this document can be used to help you grade them. It includes assessment criteria you might want to use with your students.

Question Planner: A simple planning grid for “Outline and evaluate” type questions.

The Sociology of Youth Question Planner: A simple planning grid for “Identify and explain” type questions

Lesson Summary Sheet: Simple summary sheet that gives teachers and students a visual impression of what has been understood / not understood in a lesson.

Revision Checklist: Simple checklist that allows students to identity areas they know / need to revise. Although this one if for Youth (and will require a little editing to bring it into line with current Specs.) it’s the type of resource that could be applied to any Unit.

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