Psychology Learning Tables | 6

It’s been a while (March 2018 if anyone’s interested. Anyone?) since I posted any psychology Learning Tables / Knowledge Organisers so I thought it might be helpful to post a few more to add to your growing collection.

As you may have noticed, I’ve decided to post the Tables in a slightly different way, as small collections of related areas rather than individually, on the basis that this is an easier and less cumbersome way of downloading the Tables. I have, however, indicated below exactly what each Collection contains.

The majority of the Tables have been created by, or under the direction of, Miss K. Elles and while some take the standard Knowledge Organiser format others take a more-sophisticated approach – an indication of A / C / E grade answers in a PEEL format.

1. Core Studies (AO2)
Criticisms of Watson and Rayner
Criticisms of the Mednick’s Research
Criticisms of the Haber & Levine’s Research
Criticisms of Piaget’s Research
Criticisms of Yuki et al.
Criticisms of the Terry’s Research
Criticisms of Van Houtte and Jarvis
Criticisms of the Multi-Store Model
Diamond and Sigmundson

2. Core Theories (AO1)
Biological Theory
Criticisms of Biological Theory
Constructivist Theory of Perception
Piaget’s Stage Theory of Cognitive Development
Social Learning Theory
Humanistic Theory of Self
Sex & Gender Core Theory: Biological Approach
The Multi-Store Model
Behaviourist Theory

3. Core Theories (AO2)
Criticisms of the Multi-Store Model
Criticisms of Behaviourist Theory
Criticisms of Biological Theory
Criticisms of Constructivist Theory
Criticisms of Piaget’s Theory
Criticisms of Social Learning Theory
Criticisms of Humanistic Theory
Criticisms of the Multi-Store Model

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