Culture and Identity PowerPoints

To complement the Culture and Identity Revision booklets I’ve assembled a range of PowerPoint Presentations from a variety of sources including some nice little presentations put together by the OCR Exam Board (with accompanying Instruction and Activity booklets).

While the Presentations are probably more-suited to integration into an Introductory Sociology / Culture and Identity teaching session (the Presentations cover areas like culture, socialisation, identity, perspectives and the like), some may have value as a revision tool.

As ever, the Presentations vary in size, complexity and competence (although I’ve tried to weed-out Presentations I didn’t think added much value or which weren’t sufficiently focused on A-Level Sociology). Where known I’ve indicated the author of each Presentation, to whom you should direct any plaudits, questions or brickbats.

1. Culture and Identity (Steven Humphreys)
2. Social and Personal Identities (Leigh Rust-Ashford)
3. Culture
4. Socialisation
5. Feminism and Patriarchy (Chris Deakin)
6. Class identity (Liz Voges)
7. Primary and Secondary Socialisation
8. Socialisation and Resocialisation (Gobind Khalsa)
9. Social Control (Leigh Rust-Ashford)
10. Culture and Social Identity (Joe McVeigh)
11. Elements of Culture (Rebekah Colbeth)
12. Identity and Hybrid Identities (OCR) | Teacher Instructions | Activity Booklet
13. Culture and Cultural Identity (Jane Lister Reis)
14. Sport and National Identity
15. Culture, Values and Norms (OCR) | Teacher Instructions | Activity Booklet 
16. Culture and Cultural Hybridity (OCR) | Teacher Instructions | Activity Booklet

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