Sociology in Focus for AS: Culture and Identity Resources

Culture and Identity Overview Map

Having previously posted a copy of the Sociology in Focus AS textbook, I thought it might be useful to throw-in a little additional something by way of the resources that were originally produced to accompany the text.

While there’s nothing outrageously brilliant about the resources, you might find some – or indeed all – of them a useful addition to the textbook. To allow you to pick-and-choose which resources you want, I’ve posted them in 6 separate categories that do exactly what they say on the tin:

Overview Map:

A spider diagram that broadly maps the main areas covered in each Unit in the Module.

Revision Maps:

More-detailed spider diagrams that map the main content of each Unit in the Module

Activity Answers:

Although Johnny Nash may be firmly of the opinion there are “More questions than answers“, in this particular instance he would be wrong. There are exactly the same number of answers here as questions. Which, all things considered, is probably as it should be.

As to their function, you might find them useful if you want students to quickly check their own learning.

More adventurously they can be used for things like peer review and marking.


A Worksheet…

While worksheets aren’t everyone’s cup of hot chocolate, these are slightly different in the sense they place less emphasis on individual working and more emphasis on small-group and whole class work. For each module there are three types of question, each of which is designed to promote different types of responses:

  • Consolidate questions, designed for individual work to ensure students have “grasped the basics”.
  • Apply questions designed to promote analysis, discussion and application through small-group work.
  • Evaluate questions designed for whole-class discussions around arguments / evidence for and against a question.

Teaching Tips:

Some fairly rudimentary ideas for different ways to teach various aspects of the Module., including some simple classroom activities.

Exam Focus:

Specimen questions and exemplar student answers. Be aware that the types of questions asked and the marks awarded to each type of question may have changed in the 10 years since this text was originally published.

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