Social Inequality Smoothies: The Presentation

To complement the Social Inequality Smoothies blog post I thought it might be helpful to create an accompanying PowerPoint Presentation for those who like to take a more-visual approach to these things.

It’s a very simple Point-and-Click Presentation (you Point at a picture, Click it and get some basic information) that covers most of your glass-related favourites (I might add the glass escalator at some point if I can be bothered – probably not, then) plus a couple of non-glass analogies:

·  Glass Ceiling

·  Glass trapdoor

·  Glass cliff face

·  Concrete ceiling

·  Sticky floor

The basic idea is to make ideas about social inequalities related to, in particular, gender and ethnicity easier for students to visualise and hence understand (although the concept of sticky floors is equally applicable to class inequalities in the workplace / any hierachical structure).

Whether or not it actually does is probably for you and your students to judge.

Either way, it was quite fun making the Presentation so I’m not that bothered.

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