More GCSE Sociology PLC’s


Following from the original GCSE Sociology Personal Learning Checklist post I’ve found a few more PLC’s for different exam boards. These are a combination of teacher-created PLCs and what appear to be some professionally-created efforts.

Most follow the familiar “RAG” (Red, Amber, Green) format, or simple variations thereof, but I’ve included a few for the Eduqas Board based around SORT criteria. This is a more-involved technique based around students indicating whether or not information has been:

Summarised Organised (using RAG technique) Recalled and Tested.


Key Concepts (SORT)

Education SORT

Crime and Deviance SORT

Family SORT

Methods SORT

Inequality SORT


I’ve recently discovered this 2021 GCSE “Tick List” – a fairly-basic Personal Learning type Checklist – for the WJEC / Edugas Specification. It’s an “either / or” list (either you know it or you don’t) but if you wanted to turn it into something more functional it might be a helpful starting-point.

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