Globalisation and Crime

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For someone who explicitly rejects the notion of “postmodernity” as it’s conventionally applied in sociology (and elsewhere come to that. I try not to discriminate) I seem to have spent a great deal of my time writing about it in one form of another. This has mainly, I think, been because if it’s a widely-used term you need to address this fact, whether or not you particularly agree with it.

And so, while clearing-out some of the vast amount of crap materials I seem to have accumulated  over the years for the dual-purpose of both getting shot of it and posting some selected pieces that may-or-may-not prove useful to teachers and / or students, I came across this particular little gem I put together a few years ago (10 – 12 or so, to be slightly-less-imprecise). This was probably on the basis that AQA (or some such) had decided to spring the topic of globalisation and crime on unsuspecting teachers and I thought it might be helpful to write about it.

Which indeed I seem to have done. And while I’ve evidently posted it elsewhere, I don’t seem to have ever got around to posting it here. Until now you might be relieved to know.

Having read this far, you’re probably thinking there needs to be some sort of pay-off for all the effort.  

And indeed there is, in the shape of this 30-page (more if you count the copious references) pdf booklet entitled Globalisation and Crime.

For some reason – probably because I felt the concept of globalisation needed quite a bit of explanation at the time – the booklet’s split into two distinctive parts.

The first part, Globalisation and Crime: Observations, provides a brief overview of the concept and includes sections on Types of Globalisation and a general overview of How Globalisation Relates to Crime.

The second – and main – part deals with a range of crime-related ideas. These include:

  • Globalisation and Transnational Crime
  • The Organisation of Crime
  • Globalisation and Crime: Explanations
  • Models of Organised Crime
  • Glocalisation and crime.
  • As I’ve noted, the material’s not exactly hot-off-the-press and many of the examples used to illustrate ideas in the text may be getting a little long-in-the-tooth. However, the basic theoretical material is sound (probably) and should allow you to fill in any gaps as-and-if required.

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