Food For Thought?

In what is, I must admit, a first for me I came across this Recipe Booklet on a school web site when looking for the source of a GCSE to A-level Revision Booklet that features in a recent post about Summer Transition materials. It was filed under Revision for the not implausible reason that what you eat can impact on academic performance.

Produced by the Partners in Excellence (PiXL) project, the booklet contains:

 • 20 individual recipes designed by Mark Lloyd who is, apparently, a “celebrity chef”. The objective of each recipe is to use “ingredients that will enable students to feel fuller for longer and perform well“. Each recipe has full instrcutions for preparing and cooking the meal plus some indication of the nutritional benefits of the meal.

• 3 bonus snack recipes (for things like Granola Bars).

• Videos for 11 of the recipes that walk students (and anyone else come to that) through how to cook the dish. I’m guessing that links to the videos should have been embedded in the pdf document but, for some reason, weren’t.

Luckily I found a document that lists the recipes for which videos are available and the Good News is there are links to view them on Vimeo (which, by a spooky coincidence, is the video platform on which we host our Sociology and Psychology films).

The slightly less Good News is that you need to join Vimeo in order to view the films (the Recipes, not our films – anyone can view our stuff apparently). However, since registration is free that’s not too much of a hardship.

As I hope the accompanying picture shows, the food looks really appetising and if I wasn’t such a hopeless cook I’d be tempted to try the recipes (although, having said that, I might have a go at the Granola Bars…).

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