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As the frequent reader of this blog (“Hi”) well-knows, I collect a lot of stuff on my travels around the web and I store it safely away for times such as this – when I’ve got a blog post to write and nothing to write it about (or at least nothing that takes the minimum amount of effort for the maximum amount of gain).

So, here I find myself desperately searching one of my seven hard drives (you read that correctly. I collect hard drives. Everyone should have a hobby and mine just happens to be hardware), for something and my eager gaze fell upon these lovelies – a set of six PowerPoints created by Danielle Ord (and apparently modified by Carole Addy), neither of whom I know but if I did I’d give them the credit they deserve.

How is the family like a warm bath?

The evolving family: Functionalism

Evaluating Functionalism

The evolving family: New Right

Feminism and the family

Family and social policy

Little-known fact:

The New Right PowerPoint is based mainly on the ideas of Patricia Morgan, someone I studied with “back in the day”. I can’t say I liked her very much then and I’m sure the feeling was mutual. Mind you, since we were both in the same class as John McVicar we probably didn’t pay each other too much mind.

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