This week’s round-up of all the sites, scenes and sounds that piqued our interest…



BBC News – Increase in early guilty pleas at paperless courts, judge says

Lawyer argues 10pm-6am curfew would be “especially onerous” for man convicted of violent offense

The 74 countries where it’s illegal to be gay


Boris Johnson accused of burying study linking pollution and deprived schools

Government may give startup universities degree-awarding powers

Why do we worry that few girls take physics, but not that boys make up just 29% of English A-level students?

Should boys get a bigger slice of school funding?

The knowledge economy is a myth. We don’t need more universities to feed it

Disrupt Assessment: Nothing that hasn’t been said before, but well worth a read because it says it well

Labour condemns plan to give private providers degree-awarding powers


Dark side of family life: “Police treatment of domestic abuse victims to be investigated”

The Sociology of Childhood – Topic Overview

Social Inequality

Inequality and technological change? “Tech billionaires got rich off us. Now they want to feed us the crumbs”

UK has one of worst records for gender equality at work – report

Being told to wear heels isn’t the same as being told to wear a suit


BBC and ITV flagship news shows ‘still fail to represent women fairly’

EU-bashing stories are misleading voters – here are 8 of the most toxic tales


Memories are made of this. Or are they? “You Have No Idea What Happened”

Nature and Nurture: The Origins of Violence

AS Psychology: Webinar Resources for Approaches in Psychology (PP and Word docs)

Free revision video “AS Psychology: Approaches” – recording of tutor2u revision webinar (18 minutes)

Introduction to Probability video


How to stop yourself panicking in exams

Study Star Revision Idea

Revision time! Sociology Revision Videos

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