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Families and Households

The Sociology Guy has been busy putting together what he calls “quick glance revision notes” for his web site (which, apropos of nothing, is well worth a visit because it contains lots of good stuff) – what might be described as visual notes or mini learning tables / knowledge organisers tied to a specific idea, topic or theme.

And if this sounds like I’m struggling to do them justice, it’s probably easier just to look at the accompanying pictures because they’ll give you a much better idea about what’s involved.

And this, in a roundabout way, is probably as it should be, given the claim that “Research suggests that notes that are vibrant, colourful and have pictures or illustrations are 40% more likely to be recalled by students”.

While I’m not sure what this research might be, the idea does have an initial face validity, in that the combination of text and relevant graphics should help students make evocative connections.

Anyway, be that as it may, the Notes look attractive and deliver just the right gobbets (that’s actually a word) of information for revision purposes across 6 current areas:

Differential achievement (class, gender, ethnicity)
Role of education
Setting and Streaming CC
Parental Considerations
Anti-school subculture context
Institutional Racism
Material Deprivation

Methods in Context
Parent Points
Student samples
Teacher Features


Families and Households
Post and Late Modernity
Social Policy
Working women

Global Development
Modernisation Theory
Dependency Theory

Crime and Deviance
Crime and Globalisation
Crime and Media
State crime

Theory and Methods
Can sociology be a science?
Social Action Theories
Sociology not informing social policy
Criticisms of Feminist Approaches

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