Updating Crime & Deviance

Day Workshop with renowned sociologist and film-maker, Dr Steve Taylor

Strain, Labelling, Realism etc. are still important because they underpin a lot of research in the contemporary study of Crime and Deviance. But supposing your students could demonstrate this with new concepts & 21st. Century research examples?

This Workshop consolidates the key theories and concepts and then illustrates their application with clear, easy to understand up to date research.  For example, students read about moral panics, but how much more impressive could an answer be if they were able to bring in the recent concept of ‘amoral panics’?


  • Crime, Deviance, Order and Control: clarifying sociological approaches.
  • Globalisation & Crime: filling the gaps by linking to familiar sociological approaches
  • Researching Crime: methods clarified, evaluated & illustrated with new ideas & interactive Q & A practice.
  • Theory & Method: this challenging topic laid bare, simplified and illustrated.

Free Crime and Deviance films provided!

Additional Sessions on Family, Youth Culture & Research Methods, if required.

What Teachers say 

“Delivered with a real affection for the subject with pace and professionalism   Partly as a consequence of working with Steve we had an excellent set of results”: Stephen Base Verulam College

“Excellent day. He brings in contemporary evidence and great links to exam skills”: Ann-Marie Taylor Coleg Cambria

“Brilliant exam focused training”: Mandy Gordon, Highfield School

“Our students loved it, Steve got them to think outside the box”: Pauline Kendal, Bedford Sixth Form

What Students Say

‘He was even better than in the videos. Loved it.’

‘Makes the theories come alive by linking them to the studies’.

‘Liked learning about the new studies, especially the gang ones.’

‘I feel so much more confident after Steve’s class.’

‘I could never understand theory and methods and now I do.’

Cost: inclusive & regardless of number of schools attending

Day: £500

Half day: £300

For more information, contact:

Email: steve@shortcutstv.com

Tel: 07771-561521

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