The Sociology Teacher

If you’re familiar with the work of the British Sociological Association – and the Discover Sociology section dedicated to A-level-sociology in particular – you’ll probably be aware of The Sociology Teacher journal that was published by the BSA three times a year.

I say was because the Journal is no-more.

It has gone the way of all A-level Sociology Journals that aren’t called “Sociology Review”.


Although its anyone’s guess as to whether the Journal will actually be missed by its target audience – probably because few A-level Sociology teachers actually knew it existed – the Journal lives on in archive form.

And said archive is now free.

There is, at the time of writing, an issue with the site’s security certificate which means users are warned that proceeding to the site is “potentially unsafe”. This looks like a simple technical issue that should be quickly fixed and nothing bad will happen if you continue to access the site.


If you don’t want to risk it (or, once things get back to normal, your school / college IT administrators block access to sites with incorrect security certificates) I have, out of the kindness of my heart, made each of the 11 issues available to download.

I’ve even gone through each issue identifying the key articles in order to make your download choices better informed…

Summer 2018: Fake News? A Sociological Perspective; We Are All Flags in the Bunting: A sociological ice breaker; Visions in Monochrome: Teaching Resource for Families and Households; Challenging the Far Right in the Classroom; Changing topics for A Level Sociology: An exploration of choosing optional teaching topics; Summerhill School Documentary: A Resource for the Education Topic; Self-actualisation in Sociology.

Winter 2017: Crime and deviance overview; The Role of an Employment Personal Tutor in Higher Education; Interventions for underachieving students; Crime and Deviance: “Hey! I got a social disease!”

Summer 2017: Content, Constraint and Misconception: Teachers Experiences of the Sociology A level; What are the causes of social consensus and conflict in society today?; Methods and Digital Social Media; Developing students’ English and Maths skills through Sociology; Linear learning: A teacher’s reflection; National Extension College, Sociology course review.

Spring 2017: Sociology and Statistics: The Chi Square Test; Do schools and universities make a difference to social mobility?: Sociology Social Media Questionnaire; This is my truth, tell me yours.

Autumn 2016: The Sociology of War and Violence; Post-16 Education and issues of inclusion; Durkheim’s concept of anomie applied to Brexit; Conversation on class, inequality and the role of sociology with Professor Mike Savage.

Summer 2016: Teaching sociology as a foreign language; Teaching through leadership; Back to School: Taking the Sociology exams as a Teacher; Teaching research methods and analysis: What’s your view?;  Worksheet: A2 Sociology: Globalisation and Digital Social Media.

Spring 2016: Teaching Sociology in China; At the Crossroads of Globalisation and Education; Revision idea: Making Connections: News values and the Media.

Autumn 2015: Learning about engagement: A case study of white, working-class boys in a large rural comprehensive school; Setting S.M.A.R.T targets for Sociology

Summer 2015: Understanding Fathers: An Insight Into Primary Research; ‘The Bamboozling Of A Generation’? Studying The Sociology Of Education; Why do students choose Sociology at AS and A level, and how will qualification reform affect uptake?; The Journey Travelled: The difficulties and dimensions of value added.

Spring 2015: Generational Sociology, The Case of the ‘Lost Generation’?; Reflections upon Teaching the Sociology of the Apocalypse

Winter 2014: Financialisation and Capitalist Crisis; The Black middle-class and laissez-faire racism in Britain’s classrooms.

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