Sociology Factsheets: To Buy or DIY?

Like all good ideas, this one is simple but effective.

Distil topic notes into key knowledge points, add illustrative examples and brief overviews of advantages and disadvantages, throw in some exam tips and short “test yourself” questions, call it a factsheet and sell it at a very reasonable price to teachers – which is exactly what the Curriculum Press has done.

If you want samples of the various factsheets (their web site lists around 160), there are a few scattered around the web that I’ve cobbled together and presented here for your viewing pleasure: 

  • Role and Purpose of Education
  • The relationship between ownership and the mass media
  • Suicide
  • Families and Households – Changing Structure
  • Choice of Research Method
  • Triangulation
  • Identity – Where does it come from?
  • Questionnaires
  • Quantitative Research
  • Sampling Techniques
  • It’s a bit of a mixture (but beggars can’t be choosers, as no-one ever says) and if you want more each factsheet costs £3 – although where they run promotions you can probably get the lot for around £100.

    Which is good.

    But still quite a lot of money in these Straightened Educational Times and the beauty of simplicity is that getting your students to create their own Factsheets (for stuff like revision) is very easy. All you’d need would be:

  • some simple DeskTop Publishing software
  • a little bit of planning and guidance
  • some free labourers (aka your students).
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