Situational Crime Prevention

scpExamples of different types of Situational Crime Prevention aren’t too hard to find (Alley Gates / Defensible Space, various forms of target-hardening etc.) but a couple of new ones – to me at least – might be useful to add to the list:

1, Community Shelters: Used as “safe places” for “young people” (12 -18) to meet as an alternative to hanging around on the street. Often used in conjunction with Police Community Support Officers and seen as a way to:

  • Provide “safe spaces” for young people.
  • Control youth behaviour (as a way of keeping them away from businesses and residential properties).

2. Community Triggers: Anyone who has reported a certain number of Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) incidents (usually 3 or more) can demand a review by relevant authorities (such as the Council or police) to explore ways a perceived and persistent problem can be resolved.

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