SCTV Weekly Round-Up

All the Sociology and Psychology links that caught our beady little eyes this week…



BBC News – Survey reveals lack of rape reporting

Pfizer Turns Its Back on the Execution Business

US banks have paid more than $200bn in fines. But almost nobody has gone to prison…morally disreputable insiders”

My brain made me do it: will neuroscience change the way we punish criminals?

Beliefs in Society

Inside the Church Where Teen Was Beaten to Death: ‘Members Were Intensely Fearful of Demons and Attacks by Satan’


On the problem of teachers being seen as miracle workers who can solve social inequality

How parental wealth is a key marker of graduates’ earning power

State offers laptops as trade-in for school iPads

Culture and Identity

“The Insecurity of Disability: What is My Place in Society?”

Some interesting – and perhaps surprising – examples of cultural differences


Sociology Revision Videos

BBC News – Fifth of UK couples close to break-up – Relate study

Social Inequality

Neighborhoods can shape success, down to the level of a city block

The Women Who Make H&M’s Clothes Are Fired For Getting Pregnant


3 Essential Revision Videos To Watch Before You Take AQA AS Psychology Paper 2

Will you be teaching AS Psychology for the first time?


“Data collected about student behaviour doesn’t help improve teaching or learning”

Telling stories to help understand what sociology is about

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