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Why law banning legal highs will fail

Deviance Amplification Spiral? “Legal high ban predicted to exacerbate crisis on streets”  

Subcultural theories

Beliefs in Society

The world is getting more religious, because the poor go for God

Voters on the extreme left and right are far more likely to believe in conspiracy theories

Understanding the English Defence League: living on the front line of a ‘clash of civilisation’


Academic / Vocational Divide: “The government seems poised to get it wrong on technical education again”

Meg Rosoff condemns UK education policy as an ‘assault on childhood’

“Female academics face huge sexist bias” – critical in context of “student satisfaction” metrics

University staff will be held to ransom by student consumers

Culture and Identity

Class, Consumption and Cultures of Taste: simple examples: “12 signs you’re middle class”

Watch a man released from prison after 44 years react to today’s technology

Why aren’t there more women in science? The industry structure is sexist

Video: Losing our accents: are Britons all starting to sound the same?


So now pregnancy is a prize for women who lead a ‘good life’

From profiling to positivism – something for everyone to get their teeth into: The Stasi spying on children

Social Inequality

TV can’t tell us what it’s really like to live on benefits


The secret army of cheerleaders policing China’s internet

The celebrity privacy case that exposes hypocrisy of Silicon Valley power brokers

News Values: While the world freaks out over a gorilla this week, 1,000 people have drowned in the Med

Labour MP receives 600 rape threats in one night


Covert PO / Ethics: Dear ‘Vicky’: secretly filming other social workers broke our trust


Free full-text Forensic Psychology articles


If learning feels easy, you might be doing it wrong

Revision time! Sociology Revision Videos

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