Revising Psychology: Laboratory Experiments

Doing more with classic studies…

Revising Laboratory Experiments is one of a range of short films we made specifically aimed at helping students understand and revise significant areas of their A-level Psychology course.

While most revision films and texts simply focus on the key ideas students need to know for their exam, this short, 6-minute, film takes this a step further. While key knowledge is identified and outlined, the film is much more focused on demonstrating the essential skills students need to master and display in order to score highly in the a-level exam.

To this end, it’s organised around the three major skill domains tested in the exam:

  • Knowledge: the film identifies and outlines the kinds of things students need to understand.

  • Application: this is demonstrated through the use of classic psychological research, such as Bandora’s Bobo Doll and Loftus’ Eyewitness Testimony experiments, that students can utilise to show their understanding of core content.

  • Evaluation: while this involves identifying the strengths, weaknesses and limitations of the method, students can take this a step further by “evaluating the evaluation” in order to score the really high marks. The film shows how this can be achieved using examples from a range of classic psychological studies.

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