If you’re looking for contemporary examples of experiments with sociological applications, this recent study might be useful at both AS (Culture and Identity) and A2 (Differentiation) levels.

In basic terms it’s a simple variation of the classic “discrimination experiment” whereby researchers do things like apply for jobs using a variety of different ethnic names on behalf of applicants with identical CV’s – the dependent (unmanipulated) variable in the experiment being the identical CV and the (manipulated) independent variable being applicant’s name

In this particular version the researchers, Doleac and Stein, placed a number of identical fake classified advertisements for iPods that “included photographs of the product held by a hand.  Some hands were light-skinned, others dark, and they also included a second potentially stigmatized identity, men with tattoos.  Otherwise the ads were all identical“.


You can, rather depressingly perhaps, probably guess what happenned next…

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