Race and the Criminal Justice System

Official statistics on the relationship between “race” (ethnicity) and the criminal justice system in England and Wales, as you probably secretly suspect, are the kinds of things that teachers and students tend to file under the “worthy but dull” heading.

About half the complete infographic…

On the one hand it’s a relationship that’s useful to recognise and broadly understand as part of a crime and deviance module.

On the other it tends to be really dry and difficult to digest.

When even the Executive Summary (the short introduction everyone skims through because they really can’t face trawling through the full Report, but which gives us a nice warm feeling inside, safe in the pretence that at least we tried) tends to be just a long list of statistical observations there’s not really much incentive for teachers – let alone their students – to take the time to get to grips with this information.

Which is a shame, because you know there’s actually a lot of good stuff in the Report, if only someone would take the time and effort to present it in a way that’s both short and visual.

Happily for everyone concerned that’s just what the Ministry of Justice (something that, in passing, sounds as though it should be headed-up by Judge Dread) has decided to do by producing a nice Infographic that contains all the information you’re likely to need to keep your students up-to-date with the latest developments in all things “Race” and, indeed, “Criminal Justice”.

Which is nice.

Despite their scary-sounding name.

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