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The third – and final – OCR A-level Psychology offering complements the two previous posts on Lesson Elements and Delivery Guides in the shape of a set of Teaching Guides designed to help teachers (yes, really) get to grips with essential course information.

Criminal Psychology Guide…

While the majority of Guides focus on providing detailed overviews of key psychological research studies (in terms of areas like methods, sampling and key findings) you’ll also find help on relating the core studies in the Specification to different areas and perspectives, question banks on different areas of the course and a couple on teaching and learning techniques.

As ever, even if you don’t follow the OCR Psychology Specification there’s a load of stuff here that’s worth a rummage because some of it will undoubtedly relate in some way to whatever A-level / High School Specification you’re teaching.

The Guides

Areas and perspectives in a nutshell

Core studies overview and how they provide new understandings of behaviour

Child psychology key research guide

Criminal psychology key research guide

Environmental psychology key research guide

Relating core studies to psychological areas and perspectives

How the contemporary study changes our understanding of individual, social and cultural diversity

Issues in mental health key research guide

Sport and exercise psychology key research guide

Question bank: Psychological themes through core studies

Question bank: Research methods

Spaced review and interleaving

Guide to flipped learning

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