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Deb Gajic is a Chartered Psychologist and a Fellow of the BPS (AFBPsS) who has taught Psychology for over 20 years, most-recently as Head of Psychology at an outstanding school.

She is now a freelance educational consultant and is now offering teachers a range of her teaching resources through the Times Educational Supplement web site.

While most of the resources are available for a small charge (£3- £5), a small number are available for free (such as an Extended Writing in Research Methods PowerPoint).

Deb’s leant her experience to ShortCutstv over a number of years, where we’ve utilised her expertise as both a consultant and presenter, most-recently on a series of short films designed to walk students through a range of statistical tests (from Spearman’s Rho to Chi-Squared).

These are currently available as a Digital Download.

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