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Back in the day, when I was working for a company called Online Classroom, we produced a range of booklets, for both GCSE and A-level, that were sold online (hence the name…).

To cut a long story short, when Online Classroom was sold to a video distribution company called Clickview in around 2009 they weren’t in the market for ebooks and a number of proto-projects went into abeyance – or, if you prefer, into a black hole from which they were destined never to emerge.

Until now, as I was searching through a load of Family resources to see if there was anything worth posting. And found these that, to be perfectly honest, I’d forgotten about.

The Packs were written by Craig Chester and designed around 4 key areas:

1. Key Theorists

2. Summary of Key Research

3. Evaluation

4. 20 Questions (based on and around the information in the Pack)

As far as I can tell the Packs covered 2 main areas, Family Diversity and Childhood. There may have been more but if there were, I can’t find them.

Anyway, the Packs are short, colourful and hopefully informative – although, as I’ve suggested, they are around 10 years old so the information they contain may be a little bit dated.

The Packs…

Family Diversity: Marriage and Cohabitation

Family Diversity: Divorce

Family Diversity: Alternative Structures

Family Diversity: Other Household Structures

Family Diversity: Ethnicity

Childhood: Social Construction

Contemporary Childhood

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