One Minute Strain Theory | The Animated Version

Let the train take the strain?

Painstakingly hand-drawn.

Each frame individually-coloured to bring out the full liquid motion of the film.

Many days of patient, mind-numbing, editing.

Much wailing, gnashing of teeth and teensy-weensy temper tantrums.

That’s the way we would have had to do it in the past.

Now, it’s just a question of applying a filter and, 20 minutes later, we have an animated version of One Minute Strain Theory that looks-and-feels like a relatively cheap cartoon, circa 1994.

If I was feeling generous, I’d say that was the look we were going for but, not being known for my magnimanity, it was more a question of fiddling with a few options and hoping for the best.

We can do better.

We strive for greatness.

But mainly we settle for “Yeah, that looks quite interesting”.


While animated versions are all-well-and-good, if you prefer to get your teeth into something a little more solid we’ve made the non-animated version of Strain Theory available.

We’re nice like that.

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